brownie cookies anyone!? 🍪

plus, an egg dish I'm making on repeat + this week's things I'm loving (a kitchen tool I can't live without)

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🍪 Double Chocolate & Halva Brownie Cookies
🍳 An egg dish I've been making on repeat
🍋 A creamy, zesty, zucchini risoni (orzo) - feels like spring
✨ Things I’m Loving - a kitchen tool I can’t live without
🥰 From the Community

✨ Double Chocolate & Halva Brownie Cookies

We’re blending the best of both worlds with these halva brownie cookies. They have the perfect combination of crisp and chewy edges while remaining soft and gooey at the centre.

You can enjoy these warm from the oven for that chocolatey treat or served cold and chewy straight from the fridge (my personal fav).

What to Make this Week

Shakshuka with Tahini, Yoghurt & Chili Butter

I've been making this on repeat recently. It makes for a perfect, warming, and hearty lunch.

Creamy Zucchini Risoni (Orzo) with Lemon & Fresh Mozzarella

Feels like spring and I'm here for it.

Citrus, Coconut Olive Oil Loaf with Mascarpone

This one is super easy to make and comes together very quickly in one bowl - always a win.

Super Green Loaded Baked Potatoes with a Creamy Green Tahini Dressing

Fresh, light, yet still filling; a perfect, healthy mid-week dinner option.

Things I'm Loving
From the Community

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Enjoy the recipes and have the best week! Chat soooon.

🍋 Ash x

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